to use the concept of CRED
is not appropriate given the typical natures
of religious beliefs and behaviors

audiences link
between proclaimed
religious beliefs
& observable religious behaviors

public representations
generally more
[or less]
rigidly stipulated
hence they have more
to do with social coordination
than with genuine expression

furthermore there is no guarantee
that religious behavior be systematically

such aims & ends
might partly explain why
they get maintained in various cultural traditions

[redacted abstract]

Lienard, P., Moncrieff, M., & Martinez, M. (2014). Religious propositional attitudes and underdetermination of public representation: Commentary on Ara Norenzayans Big Gods. Religion, 44(4), 622–627. doi: 10.1080/0048721x.2014.937061

Fuzzy steps

A sleeping ball
Listless on the table
The slightest twinge drawing motion
Raspy voice
Juniper scented

As a destination
You are imagined into being

Articulated in snapping pitch; the perfect break took practice

We learned our trade early, mostly to avoid getting beaten by dad

All bets are off


your trial by literal fire isn’t the night sky
it is every hour of the day, twice on tuesday if it continued
you were right to follow up

can’t wait to see you
we’ll get you through this

all gift wrapped and bow tied

wrapping paper strewn aside, glitter lettering shedding sparkle


I had to circle back around, collecting the leftover stars

Did not mean to leave those behind

In my excitement of the evening I departed

Before the deed was done


[she puts her hands on her hips]

Would you gather stars with me?

Stellar Broadcast

It’s only a test we study in hindsight
Taken among the columns pointing to the sky
Polished marble and gold at the top of the landing

You stand if you wish
This doesn’t take long
Abstract statues start talking
& your heart is extracted

The exposure lasts until otherwise revoked
Seeing as how miniscule a blip
on starship radar is
Pulsing against the platform

A bird fluttering casts off
& no amount of words
can change a heart’s fate