Rummaging through dusty boxes, Tucked between old receipts and that book we read once Formal exchanges Past due accounts And lists on the back of envelopes Somewhere there’s a recipe Scrawled in pencil & tattered at the edges A lighthearted attempt at salvation By way of confectionery deliciousness


It’s time. Suddenly realizing the conversation has been steadily moving in this direction important, yes calendar schedule bookended by meetings, another dilemma; revealing the soft rotted underbelly of humanity sudden and jarring was not my intention Now! (internal screaming) in my ear, ringing out suddenly the voice remembers & I’m mouthing off about tape on... Continue Reading →


On. Off. All worked up over a spark, just one flip of a switch; turning senses into sensors, & feeling our way through.

The way forward

The rules are simple, don’t break them Find a way to make them Justified and applicable To the circumstances of the situation Arbitrary measures of control Wrestling against the sum total of experience Wilting flowers replanted in spring

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