It’s a hot cup of coco kind of day, leaning into the brisk morning air. The leaves litter streets, filling gutters with nature’s leftovers. Still, there is much to do. I switch to coffee, the breakfast of champions; facing the day with unhinged levels of adulting. Life is a face-mask smile uplifted. Still, there is... Continue Reading →

Alone in the dark

I heard his keys in the lock The slow metallic clank Tumbler falling forward & Let's just be frank It's four in the morning And you've only just arrived Something's amiss Is all we surmise

Next time

There's two ways to start a fire One involves waiting for a lighter The other means doing the work Rolling uphill towards the bottom Over and over and over Being responsible stewards & moving forward


In a frenetic state I neglected my worldly duties Forgetting that the unseen act Can have implications of Unknown consequences I haven't forgotten you Merely wandered off Ever so slightly left of center To avoid all the pitfalls

here comes the rooster

A rooster crows, waking me from my slumber Before the morning light I kick off my covers, pressing my feet against the frigid floor A deep swift inhale of breath later, and I’m in front of the mirror Brushing my teeth and letting the water run a bit I pull back the shower curtain And... Continue Reading →

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