black holes as the zip drives of space compressing extremely large files into a saved form sometimes those files collide & become corrupted a virtual rendering of captured data mined from the source may very well power the future or we may find the simulations terminated


You’re gone now, far too soon Unknown beyond reasons given It’s true the good die young & the music stays behind A lyrical memory Playing on repeat

Meddling with parameters: a theory

Black holes are shaped like magnetic, flattened, Klein bottles formed in transit while moving so fast it begins sucking into a void & consumes itself an ouroboros in space forever hungry at the edge of the event horizon at a full stop (because maximum gravity) gulping down this space whirlpool forms our oceans taught us... Continue Reading →


It wasn’t so long ago we sloughed off primordial soup dredged rock from a quarry & built cities spanning miles strip clubs and suburbs somber gathering places locations for laughter and fright connecting point by point with flight last week (or year, times’ be fickle) we sent a Tesla on its way space bound rocket... Continue Reading →


Having spent a millennium (or two) among the vastness of space, it dawned upon existence; that being means more than to exist. & here we are now.Among the kaleidescope of constellations (Being dragged amongst the stars is more like it) Holding breath while comets whiz by,Inching closer with every passThese "astronomical units" the gold standard... Continue Reading →

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