Modern Era

Those crowds, I remember them Getting lost in the fray Far from home Lost in a nebula between Star systems So out of place; a fire hydrant on Mars This Jan. 6 panorama provided by NASA of a Martian hilltop was taken by the NASA rover Opportunity.AP (2015)

In 3..2…1…

Hissing airlock chamber  Sealing fates as ground rumbles & temperature rises Roaring engines engaging Burst of energy These particles pushing back Faster & faster until We have liftoff

One for the ages

long after human plight is washed away by arrows' time by ways and means incomprehensible forces remain alive swallowing shiny pulsars by stringing them down to noodles using every gravitational force imaginable to contain the boundless vacuum for nowwe shutter against the solstice gathering our own against the changing times

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