Cast off

Rusty nails object to being pulled Eight yanks later I find it hasn't budged This crate of knowledge washed up All mystery and seafoam Looking for someone to read what's inside

Zoom zoom

In neutral, placing foot on brake; clutching flywheel from floorboards, maneuvered by hand. A relocation of teeth, aligned on formula and sound timing releasing acceleration. Shutters close on a frozen moment developed later for posterity.


He sat with the curtains drawnMulling over a half eaten bagelBits of cream cheese caught on the edgeSaying something about the weather& whether or not it was wise to shoot the breeze I took him up on the offer, having finished my coffee and being ready for the next opportunity The rusty engine coughing, sputtering... Continue Reading →

no thing to sea hear

My ear to your chest,Keeping time locked in a cage;I hear time marching. Tidal wave ocean, The seam of earth and water; Is not what it seems. You & I what a pair we be, at waters' edge where land meets sea.

modern-day buccaneers on vacation

Dust settles into the engine block We unfurl maps pointing fingers Tracing lines Plotting pickaxe in spades canteen & lantern We lost sixteen souls last season due to frost & Charlie couldn't make it this time (Being ill with the cough) Wishing for better quick picks of treaties We've got spells a plenty Casting mandrake... Continue Reading →

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