Reading by candlelight

She, prim and proper arrived Sitting elegance I shuffled the deck Her question asked Eleven cards later, she had an answer Sliding 20 across the table She asked another You won't like the answer, I warned As she prodded for the deck (It's one I rarely use) I shuffled, and she asks again I draw... Continue Reading →


Somewhere between one obligation & another task to be checked off Out of focus behind a slight dewy fog Letting off steam & a moment's reprieve from solitary drudgery We'll burn the witch & Solve our problems this way answering chipper smiles In kind behind cloth torches passed In a newish way Charred pages curl... Continue Reading →


I told her to get off the countertop & she did that thing with her nose That little crinkle Only happens behind the rim of a cup What happens next? she asked Nothing I replied, Pouring my own cup & leaving still life be - Keys collected from the dish, life moves on.

Finger Knees

What's future me doing here? Talkshow host smile Plastic and separate Holding their own in a simulation Testing Imaginary boundaries Asking illusion for the time Friendly lettering plastered on 3x5 card Don't Panic Scrawled on a lamppost Behind a one-way sign Stickered on a drive-through speakerbox Bright crayon sun in the corner Eyes asking the... Continue Reading →


You're breathing Sitting in your chair Reclining slightly Slowly inhaling Realigning to this moment Alone With your sacred space Mmmmmm We can breathe together For as long as we'd like Inhale Deeper Calmly allowing yourself to slip deeper There is no hurry Exhaling the woes of the day All things pass through There is no... Continue Reading →

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