Reading by candlelight

She, prim and proper arrived Sitting elegance I shuffled the deck Her question asked Eleven cards later, she had an answer Sliding 20 across the table She asked another You won't like the answer, I warned As she prodded for the deck (It's one I rarely use) I shuffled, and she asks again I draw... Continue Reading →


Somewhere between one obligation & another task to be checked off Out of focus behind a slight dewy fog Letting off steam & a moment's reprieve from solitary drudgery We'll burn the witch & Solve our problems this way answering chipper smiles In kind behind cloth torches passed In a newish way Charred pages curl... Continue Reading →


I told her to get off the countertop & she did that thing with her nose That little crinkle Only happens behind the rim of a cup What happens next? she asked Nothing I replied, Pouring my own cup & leaving still life be - Keys collected from the dish, life moves on.

Finger Knees

What's future me doing here? Talkshow host smile Plastic and separate Holding their own in a simulation Testing Imaginary boundaries Asking illusion for the time Friendly lettering plastered on 3x5 card Don't Panic Scrawled on a lamppost Behind a one-way sign Stickered on a drive-through speakerbox Bright crayon sun in the corner Eyes asking the... Continue Reading →

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