Somewhere between one obligation & another task to be checked off Out of focus behind a slight dewy fog Letting off steam & a moment's reprieve from solitary drudgery We'll burn the witch & Solve our problems this way answering chipper smiles In kind behind cloth torches passed In a newish way Charred pages curl... Continue Reading →

Hold Me

Hold me and heal me Closer to your chest Listening to hearts beating As I lay down to rest Hold me and feel me Keep my heart in your hands Delicately wrapped in cellophane Crinkle paper Bubble wrap Tap tap tapping On window panes Taking away all the pain Of loss A moment Noticing The... Continue Reading →


One hundred or so years Enough to evolve the camera From chemical black box To digital Ansel Adams In one hundred years We’ve Come a long way How far have we really traveled? Discovery would be Something akin to a Séance; holding tightly through memory An instant connection with Channeled messages Inspired from the sensations... Continue Reading →


What is it about the future That bodes ill for the present? A solemn foretelling As pulled from the stars above I took it upon myself To learn the constellations The structure of charts Leading to the maps of meaning There are archetypal components To each and every symbol Replayed out In every unique human... Continue Reading →


A procurement of sorts Self-fulfilling prophecy Pulled from the store shelves On a cyber Monday sale Suddenly satiated Till you realize That ultimately Your ‘why’ Becomes the ‘how’

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