another steppe

They started me down this path All brambles and star thorns Every step piercing Commanded forward Collapsed in front of cool river springs May your gods have mercy Vultures circling overhead

no thing to sea hear

My ear to your chest,Keeping time locked in a cage;I hear time marching. Tidal wave ocean, The seam of earth and water; Is not what it seems. You & I what a pair we be, at waters' edge where land meets sea.

Stellar Broadcast

It's only a test we study in hindsight Taken among the columns pointing to the sky Polished marble and gold at the top of the landing You stand if you wish This doesn't take long Abstract statues start talking & your heart is extracted The exposure lasts until otherwise revoked Seeing as how miniscule a... Continue Reading →


Somewhere between one obligation & another task to be checked off Out of focus behind a slight dewy fog Letting off steam & a moment's reprieve from solitary drudgery We'll burn the witch & Solve our problems this way answering chipper smiles In kind behind cloth torches passed In a newish way Charred pages curl... Continue Reading →

Hold Me

Hold me and heal me Closer to your chest Listening to hearts beating As I lay down to rest Hold me and feel me Keep my heart in your hands Delicately wrapped in cellophane Crinkle paper Bubble wrap Tap tap tapping On window panes Taking away all the pain Of loss A moment Noticing The... Continue Reading →

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