Please send the rain

It’s been a while since we’ve talked, sat down on the porch swing for an hour or two, sipping iced tea and shooting the breeze. You’re far away now, half a planet between us; ocean and mountains. It’s just a little rain, send it over; air mail doesn’t take up much space, a parcel no... Continue Reading →

In line, a virtual queue

It’s t-minus five, and four minutes have passed. I pull on my collar, tie bunching around my neck. Small adjustments are in line with the times. Somehow made possible with a grant or some other means. The screen is grey, that drab grey, overcast sky and foggy morning kind of grey. It’s wonderful. I watch... Continue Reading →

Brew haha

It's three am You can always tell Because the buzz you hear Lasts until the daylight & follows you around Like a tin can tied to shoelaces Marching forward & bringing your whole self with

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