Brew haha

It's three am You can always tell Because the buzz you hear Lasts until the daylight & follows you around Like a tin can tied to shoelaces Marching forward & bringing your whole self with

Watch the weather change

I was there In sickness and health Over decades and eons We saw epochs change & grew pole beans in summer Squash in the winter It wasn't long before Our year-round hijinks had all the Neighbors talking The gossip column full of Hot winded airbags Only good for the news & the weather Raining on... Continue Reading →


Let it shine brightly, This concept of idea; Polishing viewpoints. I saw you in my dream last night, you wear wearing a purple tutu. I giggled, knowing how proud you were that you picked it out by yourself.


Hot air filling the spaces Between mountain ranges Cupped between canvas Stained panels hand stitched Piercing every inch Sealing tightly around the halo A modern sculpture borne of cloth Soaring to new heights Taking you along for the ride

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