He handed me a bag of coins Ones I couldn’t keep Bound me by the wrist in jute My soul he was to reap The knots lay perfectly square I saw Perfection is clean sweep ~He led me slightly to the left In skewing picture through Across the dusty street I fled This isn’t a... Continue Reading →

candy shop

Red & white unfurling Blue in the face Holding my breath Whilst I’m on the case Law is in order When it’s cited just right This passion within me Doesn’t want to fight Not broken or battered Left it in past Like footprints in sand One pair outlasts Carrying onwards I’ll hold my own hand... Continue Reading →


Pay it forward You can’t pay it back Much like your words You just can’t take back Make them soft & gentle Simple, sultry sweet They’ll come back around And you’ll like what you eat Your words make you human Though I’ve heard this before Fierce like a lion Now do the roar

raison d’être

I have this compulsion To create all the words String them together In voices unheard I write to remember I drink coffee to forget The past present & future Are here and well met “Keep going,” she said I shook my head Objecting to this philosophy Of all hearts’ command She took my soul Into... Continue Reading →


The separation of church and state Division and divide In Latin there is an expression Vincere vel mori I dreamed of all the people Disappeared from all the lands Leaving mortal coils Wheels of fortune turned again From high above they were like ants Under looking glass Upon inspection deemed unworthy Among the simple mass... Continue Reading →

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