story time

I sat by the campfire, warming my hands; embers sparking, colorful hues of ultra-heated red, Saying a prayer for the fallen stars over head, Placing palo santo among the flames; Wafting an air of mystery into the night. Gypsy wanderer, cloaked in green; Heralds a message as yet unseen, Drawing from her satchel of white;... Continue Reading →


Enjoy the show, you’ll never know, how far you’ll go to succeed Do your best, ignore the rest, and take my hand, you’ll see The journey is wrought with damage and fear, pay them no mind as you please Do only good work, don’t give back the hurt, it will bite you in the ass... Continue Reading →

for her

I’ve done this thing a thousand times before, Looked death in the face, I’ve been to that place. This time it’s different, its not the same; I know that girl, those little shoes, spin and twirl, Unfurling kilt, the one she wore; And in that split second she was no more. ~ We pipers played... Continue Reading →

back to back facing off

Shoulder to shoulder Soldiers out and about Inside the tin man’s cave Telling tall tales that are short lived Between sips of bourbon Shots are fired In the middle The moon hangs on Tacked in place by Whispers echoing Wicked games Such flamboyant Surfeiting A surefire way To surf waves That learning curve “Woah” Smoother... Continue Reading →

not a chance

~Forty two reasons Not to roll the dice Take a chance upon This thing called life Don’t want to go Can’t go away Stuck underfoot Here’s where I’ll stay Gum on a shoe What do you do Just scrape it all off & Start again anew Simple solution To the problem Get rid of all... Continue Reading →

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