in the ivory tower at dusk

We sat across Six feet apart Watching the world As it all fell apart In looking around we gathered the pieces Put them together Stitched with a thesis It wasn't just words We needed quick action Before they slid back Into each of the factions Go forth She said And bring them all here We'll... Continue Reading →

Whistle while wandering

The crow never flies south He told me with a grin The spirit lives beyond The mortal coils of sin He tipped his cap slightly Aligning it rightly Ever so slightly Recalling a story he heard As the crow flies straight So is spoken word alight If ever there was never A dark and stormy... Continue Reading →

Everybody Chill

One of these days it will all make sense The chaos the calm the standard six pence Till that day arrives just sit back and relax It’s not as chaotic Listen to some facts Don’t do something stupid Because of a friend Facebook messaging May well be your end Consider the source Before you share... Continue Reading →

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