It’s a hot cup of coco kind of day, leaning into the brisk morning air. The leaves litter streets, filling gutters with nature’s leftovers. Still, there is much to do. I switch to coffee, the breakfast of champions; facing the day with unhinged levels of adulting. Life is a face-mask smile uplifted. Still, there is... Continue Reading →

Beyond the board

Before dawn, i rise, taking on the tasks of the day. Elated at the thought of accomplishment only to be letdown by reality. Blue skies contrast a grey mood, elevated by caffeine and wishful thinking i, blinking back transparency holdfast. Another tempest approaches; howling winds, rain that shifts sideways suddenly. Then sudden calm. This frightens... Continue Reading →


I shaped you like a paper crane Deep creases and precision folds Open to the angled lines Awaiting flight orders And when you took flight It was always in large numbers Sometimes as many as a thousand in one sitting.

For corner

Knock Knock Hello? Sketching memory onto a blank page Holding on to bits and pieces One letter at a time Twilight blue blackout curtains Hiding behind ultra violet rays Protruding in every direction and unseen to the Naked eye; looking directly into the shadow Opportunity knocked at least once Trying to get ahold of -... Continue Reading →

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