to use the concept of CRED
is not appropriate given the typical natures
of religious beliefs and behaviors

audiences link
between proclaimed
religious beliefs
& observable religious behaviors

public representations
generally more
[or less]
rigidly stipulated
hence they have more
to do with social coordination
than with genuine expression

furthermore there is no guarantee
that religious behavior be systematically

such aims & ends
might partly explain why
they get maintained in various cultural traditions

[redacted abstract]

Lienard, P., Moncrieff, M., & Martinez, M. (2014). Religious propositional attitudes and underdetermination of public representation: Commentary on Ara Norenzayans Big Gods. Religion, 44(4), 622–627. doi: 10.1080/0048721x.2014.937061


your trial by literal fire isn’t the night sky
it is every hour of the day, twice on tuesday if it continued
you were right to follow up

can’t wait to see you
we’ll get you through this

all gift wrapped and bow tied

wrapping paper strewn aside, glitter lettering shedding sparkle


I had to circle back around, collecting the leftover stars

Did not mean to leave those behind

In my excitement of the evening I departed

Before the deed was done


[she puts her hands on her hips]

Would you gather stars with me?


Fraught faces stare back from the monitor
This isn’t code for anything
We’re at full stop with no chute

Skidding further into this dystopian
Reality will ultimately recreate history
From a repeatedly played out scene

Cycles return to where the first started
An alignment in Capricorn
Or alongside the tropic of Cancer

Like the flood water rising
We are walking in inches
For miles

& the wisdom of the ages

Repeatedly asks what’s next?


Sky openly crying
Drenching the earth below
Washing away sweat

She stabbed the sky with her thumb
Waving it towards the interstate

She puts one muddy foot in front of the other
Shifting the weight of the world
Carried diligently across state lines
Tucked behind the rain fly

A basket weaver stopped
Waived hello
Before offering a glass of water
And a dry towel

Ride of the Valkyrie

In need of a routine
Restructuring the value of time
Moments spent in passing

Saw you at the corner
Picking lint off your arm
Face contorted into disappointment
When it landed on your shoe instead

Tree lined street
Casting a web of shadows to the sidewalk below
Streets barely whispering

Blue glow of televisions in the window