Spread around on the floor, bins of collection Bits of acrylic and fingertip charcoal dust Rustling canvas, adjusting layers Hands reaching for colored pencils Wooden sticks trilling A distraction Potted plant knocked from perch Dustpan and crazy glue later We have a new creation From the leftover destruction

Garbled static

It’s undermining the focus Coming in and out unexpectedly Shattering images and talking back In code Flickering in patterns Shapes set to digital pixels Some other garbled messages coming through


I saw him as he passed, slowly increasing in temperature glistening skin, a tale-tell tigon of sickness refusing (as it were) to believe it rather yet approaching in proof of immortality “You need to go home,” I say, pulling back & Before I can go on I’m awake with a start Not yet in the... Continue Reading →


they’re showing through the walls creaking unannounced splintering the plaster under the weight of displaced years forgone promised ages prosperity dissolved in mere cabinets tossed into the dumpster fire set alight with hope fanning the flames and asking myself if there are s’mores in the future

Aftermath of decay

They sat for a while, immersed in bubbles Wafting decay throughout the house Left day in and day out Long after the water recedes Soap scum and caked on shame Avoidance It took two days (and several rounds of retching) Shiny stainless steel reflecting back It takes time, and it’s worth the results

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