Flower Bed

Found him with my girl, They were both in the tulips; Enjoying the snow. Nuclear winter, Permafrost across all lands; Let us keep the peace.

Spring Fever

I took you up on your offer nonchalantly; changing perspective. Hashtags & tic-tac-toe; pounding it out like a British Sterling steak. This sentence making as much sense as a commoner's commonly known commodity. Summertime in suburbia, stuck under rooftop terrace tea lights.


She was from the North, You shifted gears into her view; Something is amiss. The gentle frost melts, reshaping the landscape by whetting the whistle. No time like present, taking captive audience along for the ride. You put googlie eyes on the help find me poster licking your chops. Who's afraid of the big bad... Continue Reading →


Shakespeare and his buzzing Double questioning a la Philosophical waxing In tune with a fork Twirling spaghetti off key Colored red Or white Or green Depending on your preference for flavor Could add some color Change the scene Wouldn’t change the pitch It’s all about the tone

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