One to zero, zero to one

You’re not real An impressionable carbon copy Not-fully-readable Neither original nor actual It stands to reason You don’t exist Not by law, or design Nor by outside desire Further complicating things By erosion Pulling everything from where it belongs Destroying commonplace understanding Driving wedges betwixt parties In the name of proving It’s not a delusion... Continue Reading →


running on gossip, the court of opinion hears; pitchforks and torches. the power is out, doesn’t seem like a good plan; let that fear shit go. pounding on doorframe, is that opportunity; trust but verify.

By the numbers

Zero is less than one So much so that When you say I have zero dollars I can acquire nothing (Save for the air they haven’t monetized-yet) On-air personalities Touting reasons This, That, & the Like Never you mind the gap Between zero and one It’s unlikely to be reconciled


they’re showing through the walls creaking unannounced splintering the plaster under the weight of displaced years forgone promised ages prosperity dissolved in mere cabinets tossed into the dumpster fire set alight with hope fanning the flames and asking myself if there are s’mores in the future

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