running on gossip, the court of opinion hears; pitchforks and torches. the power is out, doesn’t seem like a good plan; let that fear shit go. pounding on doorframe, is that opportunity; trust but verify.


human confusion, man identifies as shark; found dead in ocean. some days you know me, masking glorious façade; merely playing dead. i broke a magnet,tried to find a monopole;duplicate dipoles. breaking news at ten, there are sharks in the ocean; they say they’re human.


woodsy saxophone crowd murmuring with delight the road less traveled headlights up ahead the cars' wheels' do not see me bats fluttering off dressing to the nines low-brow highfalutin talk bubbles in a flute

Story at Eleven

It rocked the whole world, Not one person died today; Yesterday's headlines. I am sorry you think you deserve an apology; c'est la vie. Hashtag is pound sign, Quote "sorry is not sorry" That's a double quote.

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