Sending a rain check

The rain came down, he gathered it for me Sending it first class Through the cloud Deposited near the sea The rain came down, it quenched the thirst Hungry fire left to slumber Under those beautiful grey skies lumbering Weighing the cost of scorched earth policy Those corporate sponsors bottled up the reservoir Reserving those... Continue Reading →

noche ventosa

The wind is doing that thing again, belligerent; howling at my window so loud that the panes rattling bones in cages take notice (then going deathly silent). So at home this (not so) breezy guest finds itself oh so at home amongst the shed doors, latticework spider bolted on the north side. This nonchalant extrovert... Continue Reading →

Natural Wisdom

Tiny bird, sitting stately in the rain Perched proudly on rusted wrought iron Tilted its head slightly Fluttering its wings Sings a merry little tune Taking flight

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