The way forward

The rules are simple, don’t break them Find a way to make them Justified and applicable To the circumstances of the situation Arbitrary measures of control Wrestling against the sum total of experience Wilting flowers replanted in spring


One hundred or so years Enough to evolve the camera From chemical black box To digital Ansel Adams In one hundred years We’ve Come a long way How far have we really traveled? Discovery would be Something akin to a Séance; holding tightly through memory An instant connection with Channeled messages Inspired from the sensations... Continue Reading →

Everybody Chill

One of these days it will all make sense The chaos the calm the standard six pence Till that day arrives just sit back and relax It’s not as chaotic Listen to some facts Don’t do something stupid Because of a friend Facebook messaging May well be your end Consider the source Before you share... Continue Reading →


We’re not gathered here today Upon great command Because of the fear Which is at hand (Wash them often) No asswipe on store shelves (Means shit has happened) Rationed rice to boot Something amiss Among riots and loot [Once fear runs amuck It’s just a matter of time] Silly humans & their nature As if... Continue Reading →

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