You're across the table Unfurling black square across your lap Reorienting the cutlery's tines You check your watch It's half past seven The lull of the crowd indecipherable You get the attention of the maître d' inquiring who's hands made this meal It's the most delicious you've ever had


This beautiful moment of quiet lingers in all four corners (six if you count the roof) Wind exhales overhead moving right along with the leftover leaves invisible fingers playing over chimes shaking naked branches rousing crows from their perch the inebriated gallop of ignition keys turning over cold engines puffy ghosts from human lips alive... Continue Reading →


I hear them both sides of the asile in discord semantic bantering splitting hairs over this one or that and in-between breaths I listen knowable outcomes proceed as scales continue to be weighed not by heart but by the perception of others

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