Alone in the shade under the old oak tree sitting pretty is a raven perched atop the branch; it caws three times in my direction & fluttering off yonder, no more words to say Suppose it's for the better now; casually examining discarded ebony quill


from here you can see it all  the arc of the covenant irrespective  of our imaginary lines crossing seamlessly while  falling fast with no wings  nary a knapsack full of keepsakes only pockets full of hope the arc of the covenant

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A need to recharge Unplugging and stowed away Relics of the digital age Clashing with the drapes As the will to endure  Meets the road of life

ancient translation

The morning objection cleaves me from my dreams daily. I am greeted by my commandant, marching orders in hand.Another brick in the wall, or hurled, depending on the local pulse. We are subject to the outrage caused by another. More details to come.Zach said it would be over soon. The engineers have figured out a... Continue Reading →

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