Fuzzy steps

A sleeping ball Listless on the table The slightest twinge drawing motion Raspy voice Juniper scented As a destination You are imagined into being Articulated in snapping pitch; the perfect break took practice We learned our trade early, mostly to avoid getting beaten by dad All bets are off


The day had been exhausting More running around Catering than I'd care to recall I was angry at something-or-other There were two people prior Taking no notice of the mangled pulp Offering little in the way of actual help He knocked on my door After one look I said You. Car. Now. Suddenly oblivious to... Continue Reading →

Still Running

Smashing mirrors and reflecting on the carnage These blades of glass mimic The shattered dreams of the landscape Falling forward in some pre-determined pattern Enables the next pane to be installed One after another The procession continues A hand reaches out Its hollow grasp a constant reminder The show must go on Changing the world... Continue Reading →

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