Into the Neptunia

We collected everything we had, stuffing knapsacks with keepsakes and heading off Pockets full of day old bread We made it as far as the river that day, sometimes dropping crumbs We we're running from something, or other more persuasive adventures called Luckily friction still operates normally, heating tin cans on coals and conjuring a... Continue Reading →


I cannot deny This post-apocalyptic Persistence of hope When the water receded We recorded the damage Shuffling around, yellow rain slickers Black boots sloshing We salvaged what we could Carrying out friends on pontoons Lifting boards and grounded fences Somehow we made it through In the end we met up Back at the old bait... Continue Reading →

Fall back

Shopping cart on pavement Rattling echos throughout the neighborhood Traffic on the main thoroughfare Whooshing by in a hurry to go nowhere Birds chirping on telephone wire Tweeting incoherent messages at the traffic below Sometimes they listen


Alone in the shade under the old oak tree sitting pretty is a raven perched atop the branch; it caws three times in my direction & fluttering off yonder, no more words to say Suppose it's for the better now; casually examining discarded ebony quill

in the ivory tower at dusk

We sat across Six feet apart Watching the world As it all fell apart In looking around we gathered the pieces Put them together Stitched with a thesis It wasn't just words We needed quick action Before they slid back Into each of the factions Go forth She said And bring them all here We'll... Continue Reading →

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