They say bury the hatchet so I did
One skull seemed to make a perfect fit
Once I wedged it in properly
It took on the form of skin
Modeling clay to reform and
Reconstruct all the parts
Less so for gestalt
And moreso for the experience


there is a blank signpost
pointing in every direction
at the corner of here and now
on your way out
to wherever you were headed

carrying the bare essentials
this signpost marks the midpoint
rainbow balloons in the distance
carrying passengers to new heights

unaware of the time
there is availability
for introspection
peering into the satchel
he never feels the bottom

Purple flowers

Lilly pad green painted on still waters
Punctuated with violet, hues of lavender & lilac
Augment reality
Demonstrating the depth & breadth

You can’t skip stones here
Nor skimp on the likelihood of chance catching you off guard
Lest you become the mud

Sinking deeper into the roots
Entwined between worlds uninhabitable
You are a fish out of water
You are the silent birdsong

& all that is right with the world