Reading by candlelight

She, prim and proper arrived Sitting elegance I shuffled the deck Her question asked Eleven cards later, she had an answer Sliding 20 across the table She asked another You won't like the answer, I warned As she prodded for the deck (It's one I rarely use) I shuffled, and she asks again I draw... Continue Reading →

Then there was light

How might we examine life By microscope Details enhanced by ways and means of Common particle physics Smashing into each other & measuring the outcome My heart stopped Skipping over that last beat Walking across like playing hopscotch Starting over When lines are crossed Moving markers & claiming space All pathways are valid All pathways... Continue Reading →


You're breathing Sitting in your chair Reclining slightly Slowly inhaling Realigning to this moment Alone With your sacred space Mmmmmm We can breathe together For as long as we'd like Inhale Deeper Calmly allowing yourself to slip deeper There is no hurry Exhaling the woes of the day All things pass through There is no... Continue Reading →

Space Cowboy

Inhospitable landscape Looking for that first fossilized flower of Mars Dusty wind howling Sharp edges, unknown territory Searing warm welcome Shadowed by the indifference of the universe

Halo Testament

Signed sealed and delivered Your quill writes verses Rehearsed in every stroke Eyes widen Marveling at the concept Of simplistic elegance Counter balanced Shadows dancing across Following the sun as it leads A parade of contrasting values Neither choosing Nor neglecting To weigh in on the Scales of Ma’at Heavy hitting featherweight

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