How to clean your wings

Rummaging through the dreamscape I pull a pair from a chest of drawers Unfurled Asking how to clean my wings After being in storage for so long Forgotten skills reimagined New heights reaching Provided I remember how to fly

Reading by candlelight

She, prim and proper arrived Sitting elegance I shuffled the deck Her question asked Eleven cards later, she had an answer Sliding 20 across the table She asked another You won't like the answer, I warned As she prodded for the deck (It's one I rarely use) I shuffled, and she asks again I draw... Continue Reading →

Then there was light

How might we examine life By microscope Details enhanced by ways and means of Common particle physics Smashing into each other & measuring the outcome My heart stopped Skipping over that last beat Walking across like playing hopscotch Starting over When lines are crossed Moving markers & claiming space All pathways are valid All pathways... Continue Reading →

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