the cave of wonders

I steal his words like a well worn shirt (Or lack thereof) delighted & Draping them over my shoulders we’reBracing for the cold Bundled up Cup of coffee to soothe the bittersweet ache Of this stubbed toe I’ll bring back the shirt eventually Circling back to listen He told me a story About dragons and... Continue Reading →

back to back facing off

Shoulder to shoulder Soldiers out and about Inside the tin man’s cave Telling tall tales that are short lived Between sips of bourbon Shots are fired In the middle The moon hangs on Tacked in place by Whispers echoing Wicked games Such flamboyant Surfeiting A surefire way To surf waves That learning curve “Woah” Smoother... Continue Reading →

living the dream

Alice looking glass Ticking clock on the nightstand Jolts me from slumber Blink blink yes think think Babbling to the river The river talks back You smile when I Tell you it is delicious That Cheshire cat grin Music to the ears Eyes dancing across pages Open floor book plan Scrawled scrying dragoon Bringing into... Continue Reading →

the encounter cafe

The door opens and the barista knows exactly what I’ll order She can tell I’m an out of towner with my hipster cup from some 28 hours away Three different options for filling my cup One of those foamy drinks with the excess sugar Or perhaps decaf, she asks petulantly I crinkle my nose in... Continue Reading →

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