Wicked games we play, tangled webs we weave, wandering, wondering; what it all means. Alliteration absolute, all-consuming, and vermouth - shoulda’ woulda’ coulda’ and I don’t. Oh? - he asks, puzzled- Then angry, Why the hell not? Again, never you mind - it’s none of your beeswax good sir. I see right through, to the... Continue Reading →

philosophy 101

I have asked these same questions, over & over again; not to seek answers, but to validate existence. It must somehow be connected, to the futility of perpetual motion; an everlasting drive that is absolutely free. What drives this human machine? Perhaps blood, sweat & tears; or grinding gears of bone on bone. These emotional... Continue Reading →

tell me something good

The following events will occur On or at the moment of death You will die We all do, eventually No one makes it out alive We pray that what ever you believe in Will carry you forward to the next life We fill pockets with posies To ward off Black Plague Thinking it’s the miasma... Continue Reading →

no excuses

I was talking with my subconscious the other day He called, just to say hello Checking in to make sure I’m still there As if the weather wouldn’t whoosh by Freezing things from here to the river Keeping them in hibernation mode till spring The seasons change Everything changes I unwrapped the gift of the... Continue Reading →

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