four corners

First pink then blue Then green Pages ripped monthly To mark time I set fire to each As I burn through the hours. I have this compulsion to vomit word salad over the screen on the backs of envelopes On coffee-ringed napkins Scraps of paper scrawled in chicken scratch Purging my hands over the page.... Continue Reading →

twenty questions

The man had two arms, Only one was real. He asked me once to play a game, To figure out The Who’s who Of the what’s it to ya? In the sounds of science These technological advancements We’re inferior to intuition.

just stop

I’m supposed to give you this pen, with a cap on both ends; one in hand. That’s three lids for a one stick job. I’m supposed to tell you something, that’s what they told me. Returning to coloring. Sometimes we age backwards. I pass by the shiny silver trinkets, they’re stamped with approval from the... Continue Reading →

due diligence

White webpage, bright colorful engine Translating these Pieces Pulling heartstrings with hashtags What secrets do you hold? Everyone’s. It replied. I know it all. & if I don’t know You’ll tell me; Through your words, “Hey you” & I answer in different ways

shenanagins at the haberdashery

It’s scheduled to snow on Thursday. It never snows on Thursdays. Living with this paradox is something I can’t quite grasp; Longing for literal meaning to a contextual conundrum. Under the normal view, its the peripheral passionate Victory one must be aware of, this viewpoint wants to step out of bounds. Yesterday, admittedly wasn’t as... Continue Reading →

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