Elephant in the room Full of conceptual memory Remains aware We gave it space to be here Scuffing the floor & illustrating the point Sometimes it's better to open the window And let the elephant fly away

sombrero en el camino

Still waitingFor this tea party to pop offWaiting for my cup to arriveFull of the decadent undernoted flavorsPlaying tricks with my sensesBefore the implosion of societytakes a more permanent gripBefore slippery slopes meantWater on a hillAn invisible gatheringStill waiting


Cocked locked and loaded The coyote proclaimed His silent scheme Was oft the aim Missed the mark The message came Writ on white card The name of the game (In heavens name what am I doing?) In search of something deeper Making meaning out of mushroom soup Reading the parsley snips like tea leaves In... Continue Reading →

fake it

Barbie-plastic smile, Hiding debonair details; What it’s like to actually experience Carrot-&-Stick livelihoods. Supposedly, it’s supposed to pay off I highly doubt that - Considering patience is required, And I’m six-seconds away from being a patient. Admittedly I do admire, That Cheshire Cat smile, While silently contemplating How to concoct a believable lie. Both a... Continue Reading →

calling you

Notification message: You never call My fingers are broken I type back, Ready to fire off another sixteen pages of reasons. I don't control these random acts of emotion, They are par for the course My guilty pleasure, is Toiling & toying with ideas; Love the image Removing hearts from image The song plays on... Continue Reading →

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