Just after one, on a park bench somewhere off the beaten path so as to avoid the awkwardness of pulling shirtsleeves to eyes wiping away the shame of human emotion lest we be judged weak and worthy of cowardice sun shines on my face, taking comfort in the knowing one less bitter cup, eventually the... Continue Reading →


mere distinction provides the initial opportunity for rivals to be friends somehow misunderstanding the nature of humanity and the hope that follows like yesterday’s leftovers discarded after being forgotten soiled milk at ninety degrees wretched returning to the compost pile all worm chow and fresh soil hands gathering the decomposition scattering about the bed nourishing... Continue Reading →

liar liars

it’s a short trip from here, and they’ve got their bags packed. two cars quick change to one, hidden from public view. i see you both. a matter of time folks, there’s not much that can be said; better your mess to cleanup. there are signs if you forget, like that uniquely tousled after hour... Continue Reading →

hello there

you are there, brightly shining laughter at the corners of your lips drawn up the inverted rainbow giving hope to passerby and strengthening composure there is a tone to your voice subtle so much more to say beyond a simple hello

kept in the dark

it’s an obvious marker when two poles are down that a bad day for one is one for the many camping out on porch steps like our spectating brings the lights on faster having had one of those enlightening moments a bright idea (or two) shimmering in the moonlight as if to say something meaningful... Continue Reading →

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