purring engine

My cat watches the wall like it's suddenly going to move. Perhaps it is on such an imperceptible level that my human brain cannot fathom; atomic visuals no doubt I started to pet, breaking concentration and starting up the purr machine. Let's face facts the felines are fine so are the feelings, but that's another... Continue Reading →

Watch the weather change

I was there In sickness and health Over decades and eons We saw epochs change & grew pole beans in summer Squash in the winter It wasn't long before Our year-round hijinks had all the Neighbors talking The gossip column full of Hot winded airbags Only good for the news & the weather Raining on... Continue Reading →

to the bone

It started so innocent, A way to get ahead, get some head, hustle that bread. Then got over again Under-fed, oh the dread - the shakes, the anger, Where to go, who to call, (Gotta make that connection Make that connection) What to do when i can’t wrap my hands around My favorite piece, mirrored... Continue Reading →

letters we never wrote – vol. 1

my dearest sam, the laws of physics keeping us entangled our very own spooky actions across distance space & time will ultimately bring us closer do you hear the second clock ticking soundlessly counting particles like we count back change i reached out for you in the dark bringing back empty blankets curled around white... Continue Reading →

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