alphabet soup (spilled some on your shirt, sorry)

Zephyr zealous zombie

Yellow yawning

Xyloid xeric xebec

Waiting wailing wandering

Vile vindictive vilified

Under undulating ubiquitous

Tasting trillions treating toes

Seeking solace sondering softly

Reading respect rocking rolls Royce

Quickly questioning quandary quaint

Pondering prolific peacefully protesting

Objection objective obtuse obfuscation

Naturally non-existence neolithic nurtures

Makes mouths mourn most mornings

Lost longing loosely living loved listlessly (lethargic litigation literally lethal)

Keeping kits kept

Jiggling juggling jugs just joining

Hither holding hostage, hospital housing hunkered haunches

Ignoring iceberg icing icily idle illuminating ideas

Gestalt getting good, gathering goodies golden goose

Fearing faceless facing foes

Eclectic enigmatic engine effortlessly efficient

Dazzling dancing dizzy doing

Calisthenics calmly collaborating

By brotherhood beyond borders bringing

All alliteration albeit absently authorized

fake it

Barbie-plastic smile,

Hiding debonair details;

What it’s like to actually experience

Carrot-&-Stick livelihoods.

Supposedly, it’s supposed to pay off

I highly doubt that –

Considering patience is required,

And I’m six-seconds away from being a patient.

Admittedly I do admire,

That Cheshire Cat smile,

While silently contemplating

How to concoct a believable lie.

Both a conflict of my principles,

& conflict of self-interest;

Trying to preserve what sanity is left

Pickled in mason jars.


Duplicitous! They bellow.

Scattering shadows in candle-light.

Bickering back and forth,

Time ticking down;

A slow burn.

The pairing truthfully sanctimonious,

Hippocratic Oath not withstanding;

Hypocritical judgements inclusion of occlusion.

Illusory, illustrations, illuminating, ingrained-insight,

E.B. White turns over in his grave nightly when I write.

Hard fall from thirty-thousand feet.

Crash landing near no parking signs-

Left laughing, holding tickets saying

Hubris will be the death of me.

Is time like a 45 spinning, a record on repeat

Scratching the surface needle-groove neat

Can we rewind it like an 8-track, and savor all the beats

Musical melody lyrics entwined, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

friends near and far

Greetings and salutations, to friends near and far;

I hope you’re doing well, and shining bright stars.

I see you, each in turn, page by page. I ponder the greatness in each one. I admire your unique perspectives given by grace, by reality checks, by the slings and arrows, and by choice.

By the by (as the saying goes) tomorrow I will visit trees, hike the hills and have coffee with friend, and I will get to hear about the wonderful things in their lives as well.

I believe wholeheartedly in returns on investment; that is to say, give more than you take. It pays dividends down the road. It’s the right thing to do, because it is right; not out of obligation, not out of ‘what’s in it for me’ but because it is the proper way to do things.

It is in gratitude that I share this, because it wasn’t always this way. We can evolve past primitive mindsets. It’s pretty unique to the human species.

Folks are truly fascinating. It’s just one of those things.

I personally live by a fixed set of principles, that are both a help, and a hindrance. I enjoy people, in VERY LIMITED AMOUNTS. Socializing is a drain, however, I do this because it is both helpful for me to get out of the house (I like being a hermit) and because we need friends of all kinds. That’s a whole other missive for another day. Oh, who would be a good read on that….

[ I can’t think of the name at the moment, I’ll get back to you on that. If you have one let me know, perhaps it will help jog the memory banks. ]

As my one of my older friends says ‘it’s not easy being me’ (I laugh every time I hear that.) That particular human has the unstoppable fortitude attitude, and I truly admire that.

Another, who is younger, is still figuring out the path forward. Others still; decided to breed, and are mired in the ‘joy’ of parenting at all levels of human development.

I get to snicker and sympathize alongside them all, and that’s a nice thing that also brings me joy.

It’s getting late, and there’s still more work to do; so for now, it’s time to roll up the sleeves, and get it done.

Be well, today & all days


laughing gas

You can’t be serious when you’re inhaling

Pure helium from a balloon;

Talking like the chipmunks cartoon about the most dreadful things

Like what if the cake is a lie, &

Oh my gawd Becky, you know that girl with the butt and the hair?

(what’s worse, not caring, or caring too much?)

It’s silly to think of how flippant we can be,

Tossing ideas into the trash, and promoting the


Merrily musing munching on mundane morals.

Where’s the justice in that?

(simmer down, slow boil, there’s value in the daily toil)

Oh, i remember, it got caught up in that whole thing with what’s-their-face

Riding the coattails of that new bill the whip was weaving through

(the heat is on again-what about the bill?)

What’s more important – the chicken, or the egg?

That’s not the question these days –

By far there are More. Factors. To. Consider.

Food for thought, as the clock ticks down to zero

(can’t store food here, how to get from a to b without being seen?)

On a blue marble, beautiful, held in suspense by the gravity of it all.

Live your dream; it’s so worth it, but you gotta work it.

day 69

I would be remiss if I didn’t post an update. Today of all days has actually been alright. I find that I need the gum less, and sometimes forget that I don’t have a piece in my mouth. Overall this is a good thing.

Eventually I won’t write about it; however, this keeps me honest.

I don’t miss smoking per-se, it’s one of those…what’s the word I’m looking for – ‘unhealthy traditions’ that I picked up. The official term is ‘coping mechanism’ (what really happened is far more complicated.)

I am saddened by the vaping epidemic – I started vaping before it was cool; now kids are mixing it with god awful junk and screwing up their lives even worse than the initial series of smokers before them.

Not that it’s any of my business to say anything about anyone – I would encourage support, and allow them to be the adults in charge of their lives. What that ultimately means is; the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.

I trust that your new year is going swimmingly; and if it isn’t, then, you have…oh I don’t know, several months to get it squared away. While there is always something to do, perhaps you will take joy in the little things.

If there are no little things, then imagine yourself in your favorite place. You are warm, safe, and protected here. No one, not even the guard, can take this away from you.

Eventually, things change.

I wish you well on your journeys, and raise my glass to you.

Cheers and be well,

Kelly K Green: noun.

knotty fissile

Gordian cleaved, solutions found;

By leveraging powerful cuts.

That’s one way to solve a sticky wicket –

The other, is to play the game &

Create new rules in the midst of a round.

Neither solution, nor participants realize

Both options are freely available.

Long read:

A Gordian knot is an extremely difficult or involved problem. I have come to realize, that no matter the problem, the solution is inherent within it. The solution is inherent within the problem. I have not found an exception to this rule within reason. The two things that come to mind are necromancy and unicorns. Having genetic abilities to splice will ultimately create them; ‘accidentally’ or deliberately. Once we collectively unlock death – well… that’s another long read for later.

I found alternatives for why this is true, I just don’t know yet why or even if it’s really truly true. I could for all intents and purposes be completely off my rocker. I know I’m not, yet someone somewhere will ultimately determine that they’re more correct and want to play tag with words. Trust me, the solution is there no matter what.

Consider any field of study; like the mathematics of algebra. A simple example of this is that you have letters and numbers; solve for x. The solution is inherently present in the problem. There are exceptions to the rule; however, the rule remains.

This can be further complicated and become convoluted when you enter into the field of medicine. The patient is sick, if you identify the disease, you can diagnose and provide solution. The second and tertiary versions of this; is that humans are horrible at identifying what the problem actually is. This is why we require a ‘second set of eyes’ or ‘another opinion’. Biology operates in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

In politics, the solution lies in getting folks to actually see the outcomes of the policy/law/concept they’re kicking around. It’s an ‘invite only’ sort of field, whereas those at the table making the decisions have insight into other areas that may or may not be relevant. Consider the recalibration in the early 80’s from categorical grant funding to block grant funding. In the law it states (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘we don’t actually know what the outcome will be in doing this; however, we’re hemorrhaging funds and find this to be unacceptable’.

All of this becomes a moot point in my book.

Each of these concepts listed above, have more context than I can provide in a simple posting. Hopefully your own research into the mysteries of life yield positive results. If one way doesn’t work, there are other avenues to try. Find a way, and make a way.

I continue to wish for your happiness in whatever field you’re in; may you fill your cup with a delicious something-or-other that brings you joy. I raise my coffee cup to you and say cheers.

Be well, today and all days.

Kelly K Green: noun.