alphabet soup (spilled some on your shirt, sorry)

Zephyr zealous zombie Yellow yawning Xyloid xeric xebec Waiting wailing wandering Vile vindictive vilified Under undulating ubiquitous Tasting trillions treating toes Seeking solace sondering softly Reading respect rocking rolls Royce Quickly questioning quandary quaint Pondering prolific peacefully protesting Objection objective obtuse obfuscation Naturally non-existence neolithic nurtures Makes mouths mourn most mornings Lost longing loosely living... Continue Reading →

fake it

Barbie-plastic smile, Hiding debonair details; What it’s like to actually experience Carrot-&-Stick livelihoods. Supposedly, it’s supposed to pay off I highly doubt that - Considering patience is required, And I’m six-seconds away from being a patient. Admittedly I do admire, That Cheshire Cat smile, While silently contemplating How to concoct a believable lie. Both a... Continue Reading →


Duplicitous! They bellow. Scattering shadows in candle-light. Bickering back and forth, Time ticking down; A slow burn. The pairing truthfully sanctimonious, Hippocratic Oath not withstanding; Hypocritical judgements inclusion of occlusion. Illusory, illustrations, illuminating, ingrained-insight, E.B. White turns over in his grave nightly when I write. Hard fall from thirty-thousand feet. Crash landing near no parking... Continue Reading →

friends near and far

Greetings and salutations, to friends near and far; I hope you’re doing well, and shining bright stars. I see you, each in turn, page by page. I ponder the greatness in each one. I admire your unique perspectives given by grace, by reality checks, by the slings and arrows, and by choice. By the by... Continue Reading →

laughing gas

You can’t be serious when you’re inhaling Pure helium from a balloon; Talking like the chipmunks cartoon about the most dreadful things Like what if the cake is a lie, & Oh my gawd Becky, you know that girl with the butt and the hair? (what’s worse, not caring, or caring too much?) It’s silly... Continue Reading →

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