She puts the cards down After shuffling them a thousand times over; mixing every overarching archetype with deft precision "As the chaos of the universe, so is the chaos of the cards; show us what we need to see," whispering wonders in a smoke filled room through ancient times we've sought refuge in mystical principles... Continue Reading →


Life is more than just appearances, Tailored messages and metaphors metallic, Those mechanical greetings and well-worn well-wishes; Throwing your two cents in on my manner of dress Where's your manners? Mind your own business And I'll take care of my side of the street- The lights are on; and I am home again.

thrice upon a time

Walking among the archives, Pulling dusty boxes down; all cobwebs and corners Seeking solace in memory While writing for an uncertain future In no uncertain terms It arrives like a freight train Fully loaded and Full of surprises Like that one headlight That I swore was The bright light of God.


Welcome to the future You no longer have a name There are bright lights, and bean pill meals Both are bitter swallows. Take care of all the realities Connected to the changes So that the opportunities afforded Are welcomed and enjoyed.

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