The harvest is coming

icy chill fleeting i taste winter on the wind first sip of pumpkin-flavored consumerism tourists. rumbles of diesel engines shouting across fields rubber trodding along methodical hum bright light at night whirl of fan blades in the distance harvest has arrived

Star Harvest

We opened the bay, extending the R.E.X. as far out as it’d go- jokes always been a bit too short on the long swing. Well, jokes’ on you. The whole unit shuddered. JR cackles over the coms “She’s-all the-way out-boss—over” & here we go “Alright, we’re going in three stages- AG, R.E.X., Sturgeon. Got it?... Continue Reading →

Trial & Error

Six were in the grey sedan. The only reason I counted, was because of the growling muffler. "There is no God!" I shouted at the group in front. My eyes suspiciously honed in on the Honk if you love Jesus sticker.Fern green luminescent beckons us forward. Foot still glued to the brake.News at Six: Five... Continue Reading →

Then there was light

How might we examine life By microscope Details enhanced by ways and means of Common particle physics Smashing into each other & measuring the outcome My heart stopped Skipping over that last beat Walking across like playing hopscotch Starting over When lines are crossed Moving markers & claiming space All pathways are valid All pathways... Continue Reading →


It's so early You're curled up undercover Kettle on fire Cut off at the first sign of screaming I cast my gaze into the dim blackness Aware of the impending sunrise Praying to whatever God is listening That I don't forget to give thanks for my final breath

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