Before noon

Pulled in to the stationAnother fill-up required On the way out A few golden words of wisdom "don't let no one wrinkle your clothes" Modern wisdom in the modern age

Thirty-eight empty boxes

I said we're moving Somehow the dust multiplies Rather than my failing to take into account All the days spent pining over Cataclysmic system failuresWallowing in quicksand (for the fun of it) Holding on to A roll of tape Boxing & unboxing

Fall back

Shopping cart on pavement Rattling echos throughout the neighborhood Traffic on the main thoroughfare Whooshing by in a hurry to go nowhere Birds chirping on telephone wire Tweeting incoherent messages at the traffic below Sometimes they listen


It’s a hot cup of coco kind of day, leaning into the brisk morning air. The leaves litter streets, filling gutters with nature’s leftovers. Still, there is much to do. I switch to coffee, the breakfast of champions; facing the day with unhinged levels of adulting. Life is a face-mask smile uplifted. Still, there is... Continue Reading →

Alone in the dark

I heard his keys in the lock The slow metallic clank Tumbler falling forward & Let's just be frank It's four in the morning And you've only just arrived Something's amiss Is all we surmise

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