Slithering Doubt

oozing between the folds of mind lurking around corners rounded edges so deep the hippocampus remembers its home to key thoughts regulating responses and blindly thinking this speech is a sabertooth tiger chasing me for dinner on the savannah instead of presenting ideas on how things can be

Daily grind

Subconscious speaking again saying it's time to get up, get out & get a move on Zombie shuffling to the kitchen craving boiled liquid strained over scorched bean Today will be a good day

In no uncertain terms

An abstract painting hangs above the mantle, distractedIt leaves stones unturned in its own way; an absolute marvel of colorTinged with emotionAn incomprehensible composition What is this medium? Massaging my eyes in all directions Circling around trying to find commonplace ground Unfiltered resistance.


Giving enemies a rise On lazer beam surprise. If it's shaped then Mouths agape Let them breathe But never leave Give it your best & never rest

Pit stop

It was her turn to drive, we’d be at it for hours the quiet hum of NPR on the radio in the background, something about whetting the whistle in modern times sipping on that pop we picked up in Tallahassee just after that dude asked us for directions. I pulled a deck of cards out... Continue Reading →

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