I asked her what it meant, she sighed; putting away the notepad and taking a sip of coffee nonchalantly She didn't answer Then suddenly "it means what it meant, and you need to leave it at that" I still don't know what it means...


Found myself in transit again Met up with the sense of self That argued every time words fell out Still Agreeing with the logic Left nary an alternative When first passing through the test Stunned into a brief reprieve I asked when we were through Learning it doesn't take much to trust Or it takes... Continue Reading →


I shaped you like a paper crane Deep creases and precision folds Open to the angled lines Awaiting flight orders And when you took flight It was always in large numbers Sometimes as many as a thousand in one sitting.

dining car

cool breeze drifts by wafting the scent of chicken cordon bleu spring vegetables paired with a nice white wine we’re closer now than we’ve ever been even six feet apart in this dining car i’ve come to appreciate these in-between meetings and subtle source of inspiration

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