The digital age of conspiracy

Anything you search can and will be used against you those cute IoT plugs (so convenient) easily available to tap into among other things steadily increasing pressure boilerplate language reactive observing the front lines from the safety of bunkers hunkered down in tinfoil papered over doors and windows (what windows? It’s clear to see inside)... Continue Reading →

home is self-acceptance

They’re screaming in my face Some severely off-color remarks Calling me every god-damned name in the book Spouting off obscenities like a checklist of grievances After they’re done, I simply say Thank you, I accept this A perplexed look and subsequent tirade later I coerce the crux of the problem (Incidentally it’s completely their fault)... Continue Reading →

house on the hill

Four years ago it had a price tag of half a million Today, it’s over three quarters of a million That’s 800,000 reasons for a crisis to unfold Alongside the three point five million slated for each vineyard Constantly reallocating land to commercial use Instead of reinvesting in the community It’s why we can’t build... Continue Reading →

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