Cast off

Rusty nails object to being pulled Eight yanks later I find it hasn't budged This crate of knowledge washed up All mystery and seafoam Looking for someone to read what's inside

Whistle while wandering

The crow never flies south He told me with a grin The spirit lives beyond The mortal coils of sin He tipped his cap slightly Aligning it rightly Ever so slightly Recalling a story he heard As the crow flies straight So is spoken word alight If ever there was never A dark and stormy... Continue Reading →

Carpe Noctem

It's zero three oh three & the last sound off was Jiminy That chirp of a cricket Off in a corner o'er there sipping tea Red toadstools with the missus Rip Van Winkle lost his sheep neither comprehend the other by one account airborne clear through the  stratosphere blacking out between zero G's straddling exosphere... Continue Reading →


Who's pulling on your strings Tugging one leaving slack to follow Parading inadvertently Shadow box play-thing All tangles & imagination

Tornado Warning

Waking up to the drone of a fan April showers postponed An indefinite hold-up The clouds gather Sighing over our heads View limited By the four corners Shuttered in It's raining now You step outside for the cool morning air Reminiscent of wet socks and humidity

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