When we had gills

It’s peaceful below down here in the azure world among coral & starfish & whale & shark & yes, we have traveled far past the rift and beyond that-which-marks-the-center back again for another adventure webbed hands steering gills tasting the environment moving onward below the horizon

counting crows on a wire

I started counting down on my hands each finger as yet another reason wagging the group alongside for emphasis jowls articulating vocal comeuppance the how’s and why’s and where’s and when’s against the wind pissing on and off like a light switch; dimmer- looking for that little glimmer of hope on a string, arms flailing... Continue Reading →


black holes as the zip drives of space compressing extremely large files into a saved form sometimes those files collide & become corrupted a virtual rendering of captured data mined from the source may very well power the future or we may find the simulations terminated

At the intersection

It’s still under construction This tiny traffic light Powered by ideas and riddled with Pitfalls of misfiring During crossed wires And excited utterances All stop and go (Sometimes full throttle) At the intersection between silence and speech

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