The train to dreamland left at Twenty-one fifteen Metal wheels screeching Hissing steam and galvanized pistons Mid-tone range warble There was a clicking sound Friendly Door slides open Warm smiles greeted me In-between paper lunches Today I don't mind the crumbs They don't exist here Moving right along for the ride I get to the... Continue Reading →

Trial & Error

Six were in the grey sedan. The only reason I counted, was because of the growling muffler. "There is no God!" I shouted at the group in front. My eyes suspiciously honed in on the Honk if you love Jesus sticker.Fern green luminescent beckons us forward. Foot still glued to the brake.News at Six: Five... Continue Reading →


I sent them packing, old tatters Leftover thoughts and ill-begotten  gains - behind the great dumpster fire of  twenty-twenty Hindsight opening the way  Third-eyesight or fifth-wind Traveling by way of train Riding the rails & seeing the sights


Dark hallway Flickering lights Footsteps on tile Creaking door swings open Echoing breath Locking the universe behind you Safe in solitude

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