tuning in

sub hertz hearing quiet hum of motor stretching out one syllable repeating patterns this machine utters nonsense while I pour another cup


Social creatures, humans elaborately ornate Fighting over the way it sounds,repeated Odd offshoot, cambria herald branches extended Weathervane spins lazily under grey skies Social isolation.

One for the ages

long after human plight is washed away by arrows' time by ways and means incomprehensible forces remain alive swallowing shiny pulsars by stringing them down to noodles using every gravitational force imaginable to contain the boundless vacuum for nowwe shutter against the solstice gathering our own against the changing times

Mob Rule

He tried turning a blind eye To the fact he couldn't see All the while knowing He'll be walking into trees And on the journey he'll find himself Among masses of whores and thieves Assembling a team of miscreants To go out and live the dream By the time word reaches city gates They've been... Continue Reading →

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