day 69

I would be remiss if I didn’t post an update. Today of all days has actually been alright. I find that I need the gum less, and sometimes forget that I don’t have a piece in my mouth. Overall this is a good thing. Eventually I won’t write about it; however, this keeps me honest.... Continue Reading →

tree hair

when i returned to the gnarled branches day after day wearing smooth that one patch of rough bark sitting silently underneath your outstretched boughs bowing deeply below the tender blue sky - i never imagined screeching teeth sinking into your flesh, ripping you apart they took you from me & i am sad for that.

up the ante

The chips are falling, Brightly colored disks of coin; Fantastic plastic. Can you hold your own? Against folks who play this game; Straight faced and straight laced. Wheeling and dealing, These playing cards not level; The river will turn.

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