it arrives at every station

I watched him leave the platform Suitcase in hand, putting his hat on his head Right foot Left behind As the train was departing. Shrieking metal, the clamor of voices; an overhead command He was, for lack of a better word Leaving a mark on society All in all just another stain on the wall... Continue Reading →

42 CFR § 438.610

Knowingly - key word here, From prohibited affiliation, affliction One of those - triple check deals. Run through the system; a balance of checks, Ensuring compliance measures set Other remedies are still available, No limits as of yet. Who you know, and who you ought to know, Rather than what is known are what follows.


Mask stuffed with ornamental flowers, Picked perfect for the occasion; Thoughts of well-wishing through song, To ward of the plague. What we know now, Isn’t much else learned by choice; Survival of the fittest germ-theory, Till John Snow showed up, mid winter arrived Breaking pump handles and saving the city.

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