Beyond the board

Before dawn, i rise, taking on the tasks of the day. Elated at the thought of accomplishment only to be letdown by reality. Blue skies contrast a grey mood, elevated by caffeine and wishful thinking i, blinking back transparency holdfast. Another tempest approaches; howling winds, rain that shifts sideways suddenly. Then sudden calm. This frightens... Continue Reading →

Phase shifting

Angels above Near and far We need help for our humanity Wrap us in your feathers Place halo atop our crown Bathe us in love and light Keep us safe from harm Let our minds be illuminated & our troubles lessened Our plates full enough Always ever grateful Humbled by blessing

a hashtag can change the world

Cut from the same cloth We, human; our kind Have the mindset to share And to listen We take stock of our options Limited by limitless potential Bound by the assumption You cannot kill an idea You cannot silence hope From sea to sea, our shores are connected.

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