doctor doctor

We need you Paged at all hours, white coat flapping in the wind Unflappable with your patience Tending to your patients We need you now, more than ever. You bind the minds, the bodies, the soles and the souls- Don't give up on us now. Your art- is one of forbearance You will take a... Continue Reading →

and here we go

Launched into a new arena A cannonball flying Human in composition Now a member of the three-ring-circus Changing perspective to fit new configuration Will draw upon lived experience To better understand the connection Between bone, brain, and brotherhood.


Welcome to the future You no longer have a name There are bright lights, and bean pill meals Both are bitter swallows. Take care of all the realities Connected to the changes So that the opportunities afforded Are welcomed and enjoyed.

good enough

She screams at me through the doorframe “You’ll never be good enough!” I keep walking. I take the clothes on my back, the shoes on my feet One hundred and eighty dollars to my name - And go. She tries, years later to ‘reconcile’ By repeating screaming phrases, hanging up, then calling to scream all... Continue Reading →

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