dying to breathe

made of flesh this clay crumbles drawing in upon itself dalia folds & paper thin technology advancing in stages past toolshed mechanic on to space sterilization  with past technique in tow metal tubes in origami folds tiny subway stations bypassing obstacles on its way to the next stop sleeping in memory angel paper crown

Into walls

Only the paranoid survive he whispered (at the patient wall) Batting eyes & blinking back tears Glimmer of hope reflecting Bits of paint mixed with drywall (It's here somewhere) deeper & deeper he is a submarine exploring Between itchy pink clouds & pencil thin electric eels On borrowed time An investment in human capital


The day had been exhausting More running around Catering than I'd care to recall I was angry at something-or-other There were two people prior Taking no notice of the mangled pulp Offering little in the way of actual help He knocked on my door After one look I said You. Car. Now. Suddenly oblivious to... Continue Reading →


You're breathing Sitting in your chair Reclining slightly Slowly inhaling Realigning to this moment Alone With your sacred space Mmmmmm We can breathe together For as long as we'd like Inhale Deeper Calmly allowing yourself to slip deeper There is no hurry Exhaling the woes of the day All things pass through There is no... Continue Reading →

Hey You

Hey you Over there, talking to walls Climbing rocks in the middle of the ocean How are you today? In the midst of this ambiguity Separated by ingenuity This social-distancing Is a lesson in life For those of us Introverted (It’s a party worth calling in for) Let thirteen be your lucky number And may... Continue Reading →

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