Thirteen month

He came in silently Slipped in-between duvet Slept twelve hours Showered And returned to the front lines It's been months Since we shared a meal A movie Or more than a few words Battle worn and ready There's still much more to do


You were not there For the scrapes, bumps, and bruises Nor to protect No You left Taking pride in raising others Somehow forgetting Your one and only & Yet I forgive Clawing at chest Slick with tears and snot No difference between us Much distance Awash with the knowing Digging to nothing is an impossible... Continue Reading →


I took notice of the filling in Those once perfect pleats Shifting off center during expansion In this catastrophic contraction Having imploded the world Erodes confidence In self control Is it reliance or resistance to belay Successful results with hard won grace & thanks Push the rock up the mountain Again You have control of... Continue Reading →

dying to breathe

made of flesh this clay crumbles drawing in upon itself dalia folds & paper thin technology advancing in stages past toolshed mechanic on to space sterilization  with past technique in tow metal tubes in origami folds tiny subway stations bypassing obstacles on its way to the next stop sleeping in memory angel paper crown

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