The harvest is coming

icy chill fleeting i taste winter on the wind first sip of pumpkin-flavored consumerism tourists. rumbles of diesel engines shouting across fields rubber trodding along methodical hum bright light at night whirl of fan blades in the distance harvest has arrived


Creating by half measures Doubling up the batter Halving it later Separating into portions And inflating the center With leftovers from the last few batches As if we were in a melting pot Making life delicious

Food Waste is Corporate Greed

Food waste is corporate greed Haven’t heard the news? Well, here’s what I mean In America, at night, there’s homelessness & plight stomachs are rumbling ~ No, it’s not alright when Congress is full empty heads are talking taking time and swearing off enemies cautioning. oodles. of. red. tape. stalking. we, the faceless masses &... Continue Reading →

Shenanigans in the kitchen

It started with a tingle When the spices hit my tongue Flavors dancing around Heating up & adding variety When it was over I licked the plate clean That’s how good it was And while her face had that contorted Question and answer session I went back for seconds (A smaller sampling) Polishing off the... Continue Reading →


You're across the table Unfurling black square across your lap Reorienting the cutlery's tines You check your watch It's half past seven The lull of the crowd indecipherable You get the attention of the maître d' inquiring who's hands made this meal It's the most delicious you've ever had

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