Broadcast over radio: *static*

I check the time and the weather  several zones over; contemplating  remixes of far-off places  & people scurrying about on their   days gone by. A shiny red apple and  two tangerines escape the box on the  stand; taking refuge under dusty oxen  cart.  There is no difference  you know, save  for the weather &  branding... Continue Reading →

it arrives at every station

I watched him leave the platform Suitcase in hand, putting his hat on his head Right foot Left behind As the train was departing. Shrieking metal, the clamor of voices; an overhead command He was, for lack of a better word Leaving a mark on society All in all just another stain on the wall... Continue Reading →


I tripped over my shoe It was on my foot Two left feet dancing That black cube warning Resistance is futile Adding life and new civilization Incorporating every component As if it were my own.

The Gypsy Romanchal

Playing with fire, oh how it burns. Gypsy Romanchal danced, spinning and twirling to the thrumming of the drums. Sweat pours down. Suddenly, a stone is cast. It narrowly misses her head. The drumming stops. Shouting from the crowd “Demon witch begone!” The ghastly form of the nature of these people is revealed. They fear... Continue Reading →

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