It’s six am and you were there Wrapped up in last night’s mess Leftover from years of this & that. I came home to pick up the pieces Following trails of overturned chairs Broken glass and a tv on the floor It’s not worth replacing (They sigh) Donning silver bracelets & disappearing into the morning... Continue Reading →

& the needle moved

We stood in what remains of the great hall Among headless statues faded tapestries & what appears to be the remaining 4th wall I try the dial again, hoping for a *Static* Ro*Static*ow*Static*ti*Static* Metal brick against ear Heart stopped, pressing closer I can feel her behind me TurningSssSHHhh She, growling Hurling last signs sixty feet... Continue Reading →


I move the dial to the left, then right Static on all the bands We had a moment yesterday where I thought I heard something in between the audio snow I find it funny we're all here now, just in time for that meeting. I think today's topic will be avoided. Sssshhhh! She hisses from... Continue Reading →

Broadcast over radio: *static*

I check the time and the weather  several zones over; contemplating  remixes of far-off places  & people scurrying about on their   days gone by. A shiny red apple and  two tangerines escape the box on the  stand; taking refuge under dusty oxen  cart.  There is no difference  you know, save  for the weather &  branding... Continue Reading →

it arrives at every station

I watched him leave the platform Suitcase in hand, putting his hat on his head Right foot Left behind As the train was departing. Shrieking metal, the clamor of voices; an overhead command He was, for lack of a better word Leaving a mark on society All in all just another stain on the wall... Continue Reading →

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