Trial & Error

Six were in the grey sedan. The only reason I counted, was because of the growling muffler. "There is no God!" I shouted at the group in front. My eyes suspiciously honed in on the Honk if you love Jesus sticker.Fern green luminescent beckons us forward. Foot still glued to the brake.News at Six: Five... Continue Reading →


I cannot deny This post-apocalyptic Persistence of hope When the water receded We recorded the damage Shuffling around, yellow rain slickers Black boots sloshing We salvaged what we could Carrying out friends on pontoons Lifting boards and grounded fences Somehow we made it through In the end we met up Back at the old bait... Continue Reading →

Thirty-eight empty boxes

I said we're moving Somehow the dust multiplies Rather than my failing to take into account All the days spent pining over Cataclysmic system failuresWallowing in quicksand (for the fun of it) Holding on to A roll of tape Boxing & unboxing

in the ivory tower at dusk

We sat across Six feet apart Watching the world As it all fell apart In looking around we gathered the pieces Put them together Stitched with a thesis It wasn't just words We needed quick action Before they slid back Into each of the factions Go forth She said And bring them all here We'll... Continue Reading →

Next time

There's two ways to start a fire One involves waiting for a lighter The other means doing the work Rolling uphill towards the bottom Over and over and over Being responsible stewards & moving forward

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