She puts the cards down After shuffling them a thousand times over; mixing every overarching archetype with deft precision "As the chaos of the universe, so is the chaos of the cards; show us what we need to see," whispering wonders in a smoke filled room through ancient times we've sought refuge in mystical principles... Continue Reading →

transcribing dreamworlds

Kneeling, head bowed; tempest winds howling The abysmal stare piercing I gathered what little strength was left Struck out with my hand And plucked out its eye. Aye. I Delivered it, gift wrapped in silk To a warrior Whom you may never know by heart And woe to those Who cross the warpath.

dark horse

“It’s getting late,” she said bleary eyed. A lone ringlet fell over her eyes. He brushed it back gently, curling it over her ear. “I know,” he replied, repeating, “I know.”

now we know

Now we know why there was so much secrecy As if a placeholder is for some reason returned When it requires nothing more Than a simple hello It's true what they say You can't trust anyone these days As if to remind us That the devil is in the details.


Halfway through this document, The more I read, the more I learn; If you give Kelly a keepsake, she'll basically dissect the whole thing If she starts dissecting, she gets into the details If she gets into the details, She must. know. more. It'll take her longer to finish, because she's not the resident expert... Continue Reading →

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