There isn't a way out of this corner All half hitches & silver colored lobster clasps Rattle under the forced restraint To catch yourself falling upwards Spiral staircase Once you're at the top Where you go Isn't up to you


Dusting off the hallowed vessel (or was it on purpose?) No preference to the life inside it Strewn across the mantle Adhering to this corporeal landscape In every crack and crevice Shades of foggy beaches The universe is a carnivore gnashing its teeth on the shattered superposition - a measured response Collapsing in on itself... Continue Reading →

Halo Testament

Signed sealed and delivered Your quill writes verses Rehearsed in every stroke Eyes widen Marveling at the concept Of simplistic elegance Counter balanced Shadows dancing across Following the sun as it leads A parade of contrasting values Neither choosing Nor neglecting To weigh in on the Scales of Ma’at Heavy hitting featherweight


One hundred or so years Enough to evolve the camera From chemical black box To digital Ansel Adams In one hundred years We’ve Come a long way How far have we really traveled? Discovery would be Something akin to a Séance; holding tightly through memory An instant connection with Channeled messages Inspired from the sensations... Continue Reading →

ready, set, go

It's coming together No matter the weather The storm on horizon I recognize how far we have come Not holding back The statement of facts Honestly I can't imagine what it will take to get these swords Out of my back Bloody and bleeding Steadily leaning Into the pain like its ready to go Again... Continue Reading →

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