It's a beautiful day somewhere & Hopefully you are there enjoying Some small joy Like collecting buttons Or getting a handle on that one project We started and stopped thousands of times Cross stitching patterns One over the other Threading hashmarks over And over Music piped in via headphones A relaxing nu-metal piece Something about... Continue Reading →


There isn't a way out of this corner All half hitches & silver colored lobster clasps Rattle under the forced restraint To catch yourself falling upwards Spiral staircase Once you're at the top Where you go Isn't up to you


Dusting off the hallowed vessel (or was it on purpose?) No preference to the life inside it Strewn across the mantle Adhering to this corporeal landscape In every crack and crevice Shades of foggy beaches The universe is a carnivore gnashing its teeth on the shattered superposition - a measured response Collapsing in on itself... Continue Reading →

Halo Testament

Signed sealed and delivered Your quill writes verses Rehearsed in every stroke Eyes widen Marveling at the concept Of simplistic elegance Counter balanced Shadows dancing across Following the sun as it leads A parade of contrasting values Neither choosing Nor neglecting To weigh in on the Scales of Ma’at Heavy hitting featherweight

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