Looks like rain

Dark grey over vineyards Shadows chasing off the crows Transforming one by one Into Bordeaux or Pinot Noir Delicate hints of history underneath Leaving clues to forecast the winter It’s going to be a wet season Invitation to come inside & Reconnect over titillating tidbits and forgetting for a moment The road still washed out... Continue Reading →


You’re gone now, far too soon Unknown beyond reasons given It’s true the good die young & the music stays behind A lyrical memory Playing on repeat


i hear you in the corner empty whispers, open window; peppercorn & pinewood your scent lingers the drapes, wrapped in gossamer gently tucked betwixt breaths. you are here, having been here in memory- & yet you are here again.

to the bone

It started so innocent, A way to get ahead, get some head, hustle that bread. Then got over again Under-fed, oh the dread - the shakes, the anger, Where to go, who to call, (Gotta make that connection Make that connection) What to do when i can’t wrap my hands around My favorite piece, mirrored... Continue Reading →

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