i hear you in the corner empty whispers, open window; peppercorn & pinewood your scent lingers the drapes, wrapped in gossamer gently tucked betwixt breaths. you are here, having been here in memory- & yet you are here again.

to the bone

It started so innocent, A way to get ahead, get some head, hustle that bread. Then got over again Under-fed, oh the dread - the shakes, the anger, Where to go, who to call, (Gotta make that connection Make that connection) What to do when i can’t wrap my hands around My favorite piece, mirrored... Continue Reading →


It's a beautiful day somewhere & Hopefully you are there enjoying Some small joy Like collecting buttons Or getting a handle on that one project We started and stopped thousands of times Cross stitching patterns One over the other Threading hashmarks over And over Music piped in via headphones A relaxing nu-metal piece Something about... Continue Reading →

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