human confusion, man identifies as shark; found dead in ocean. some days you know me, masking glorious façade; merely playing dead. i broke a magnet,tried to find a monopole;duplicate dipoles. breaking news at ten, there are sharks in the ocean; they say they’re human.

Reel it in

Cast your net wide Reeling in the opportunity One you would not have had Some 20 odd years ago Let it slide Into home plate Spinning whirling dervish Come to collect the prize Breathe. Give thanks for the experience And remember you will be replaced The machine never stops & neither can we

on a train in the badlands

this isn’t happening, it’s not real no more so than these pages scrawled in times new roman twelve point revealing our lives better than we, locked inside the story; no this can’t be real, i’m standing on the beam- on the path the wheel, it turns page after page in twelve point font; reviled with... Continue Reading →

Sending a rain check

The rain came down, he gathered it for me Sending it first class Through the cloud Deposited near the sea The rain came down, it quenched the thirst Hungry fire left to slumber Under those beautiful grey skies lumbering Weighing the cost of scorched earth policy Those corporate sponsors bottled up the reservoir Reserving those... Continue Reading →

Oratorical Prophecy

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, positioned to influence all sorts & manner of matter made materialistic magically manifesting whimsical outplays of in-field games catching one hitters from the sidelines it’s all fun and games till the bottom of the fifth and I can see the future red red and red and blue walking back mincemeat... Continue Reading →

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