Oratorical Prophecy

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, positioned to influence all sorts & manner of matter made materialistic magically manifesting whimsical outplays of in-field games catching one hitters from the sidelines it’s all fun and games till the bottom of the fifth and I can see the future red red and red and blue walking back mincemeat... Continue Reading →

Court of Jesters

Now in session, this procession of clowns will commence; henceforth in the month of May, (if you will) study the cross-reference examination of harlequin herald & hand-cut stones, embedded deep in the heart of the defense held in suspense, buried in snow to the ankles- trying to change the view.


Having spent a millennium (or two) among the vastness of space, it dawned upon existence; that being means more than to exist. & here we are now.Among the kaleidescope of constellations (Being dragged amongst the stars is more like it) Holding breath while comets whiz by,Inching closer with every passThese "astronomical units" the gold standard... Continue Reading →

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