Sawhorse in battle

skirting the edges, living out fantastic misadventures cart in-tow, carrying toy soldiers some missing parts from that last battle metal tyres echoing off hardwood fences another across the way cart in-tow, carrying cantilevers calvary and buried amongst soldiers and cannonade there lies the captain

One for the ages

long after human plight is washed away by arrows' time by ways and means incomprehensible forces remain alive swallowing shiny pulsars by stringing them down to noodles using every gravitational force imaginable to contain the boundless vacuum for nowwe shutter against the solstice gathering our own against the changing times

December Thirty Second

They gathered from all directions We could hear them from miles around The night filtered through the naked trees Shivering branches, dormant with loss Decorated in all manner of glittering strands We spent the month prior getting ready Making light of the inky sky

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