Call of nature

Out in the wild Running rampant on Free thought Bringing down the house We watched from the garden All hedge maze and brambles while golden rays pierced clouds Leaking light across the ground

Whistle while wandering

The crow never flies south He told me with a grin The spirit lives beyond The mortal coils of sin He tipped his cap slightly Aligning it rightly Ever so slightly Recalling a story he heard As the crow flies straight So is spoken word alight If ever there was never A dark and stormy... Continue Reading →

Collapsible Star

I find myself in a world other than my own working on a collage of sorts occasionally referring to them with eyes wide shut I’ve managed to rearrange every single word by the time you walk in latest abridged editions of dictionary & thesaurus mathematically twisted by persistent trial & error string becoming rope becoming... Continue Reading →


I shaped you like a paper crane Deep creases and precision folds Open to the angled lines Awaiting flight orders And when you took flight It was always in large numbers Sometimes as many as a thousand in one sitting.

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