Dissecting the Shadows

Thirteen. You asked, and that’s how many encountered long after the blisters healed wound and open sores swallowing salt to soothe every time. I tried denial- it slammed the door clear into next Tuesday whispers become shouts in the halls walls ringing in contrary vibrations I’m only as invisible as physics allowssometimes the darkness helpsthough... Continue Reading →

“Movie Title”

we’re all the same digital consumers hooked in daily fixes of newsfeed headlines our daily source of sound bytes no discretion advised warning labels absent free of constraint response apparently ill-consideredhung to dry like dirty laundry lined out and buried next to yesterday’s coffee grounds malcontent misaligned shattering records with sweet tooth under denial lies... Continue Reading →

Looks like rain

Dark grey over vineyards Shadows chasing off the crows Transforming one by one Into Bordeaux or Pinot Noir Delicate hints of history underneath Leaving clues to forecast the winter It’s going to be a wet season Invitation to come inside & Reconnect over titillating tidbits and forgetting for a moment The road still washed out... Continue Reading →

counting crows on a wire

I started counting down on my hands each finger as yet another reason wagging the group alongside for emphasis jowls articulating vocal comeuppance the how’s and why’s and where’s and when’s against the wind pissing on and off like a light switch; dimmer- looking for that little glimmer of hope on a string, arms flailing... Continue Reading →

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