Drop it like it’s hot

The sun showed up again today Making me feel all warm and alive Uncomfortably warm & alive Oh dear god that’s hot Plz stop sun kthx bieee The slick cup descended, taking with it the hopes & dreams of the moment scattered across the floor a new test of life

a hashtag can change the world

Cut from the same cloth We, human; our kind Have the mindset to share And to listen We take stock of our options Limited by limitless potential Bound by the assumption You cannot kill an idea You cannot silence hope From sea to sea, our shores are connected.

Grow little ones

The seedlings grow And suddenly I am reminded That this extra Baggage is both A cause and cure For excitement With patience and understandingthese seeds will grow


Going from one extreme to the other Swinging wildly this Pendulum of emotion has both Sides covered Could it be the current conditions All cooped up and internalized Have us walking upside down Thinking upset at the Distorted viewpoints on TV newscasters Echoing social media mayhem Whatever for? Each unique choice and decision part and... Continue Reading →

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