The train to dreamland left at Twenty-one fifteen Metal wheels screeching Hissing steam and galvanized pistons Mid-tone range warble There was a clicking sound Friendly Door slides open Warm smiles greeted me In-between paper lunches Today I don't mind the crumbs They don't exist here Moving right along for the ride I get to the... Continue Reading →

Round 3

It seems like the point In between dream sequences Is the hunting hour A searchlight for the intangible Spear-heading the idea that It's time to get up again

deck the halls

Nightmares uncover hidden dimensions, our own unaddressed fears the theme here is diverse, with twists of financial & sexual exploitation rampant; deceit, delusion, & karmic retribution oft follow. the spotlight flipped on just before  the  tempest tossed rage having discovered hidden caves flashlight in hand they whisper a pound of flesh for paradise deeper we... Continue Reading →


In his hand he held a spiral book Pages folded over With a grin he hands it down I get no further than the greeting Had to put the book down For as he was explaining The words writ upon the page I realized I was dreaming & started the day again

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