I saw him as he passed, slowly increasing in temperature glistening skin, a tale-tell tigon of sickness refusing (as it were) to believe it rather yet approaching in proof of immortality “You need to go home,” I say, pulling back & Before I can go on I’m awake with a start Not yet in the... Continue Reading →


i set the alarm somewhere in-between sleep cycles it decided to avoid responsibility now i sit up at night counting minutes afraid of over-sleeping and walking in my sleep

choose your own adventure

at five they wander stepping over perception messing with perspective there’s three holding a mirror & looking down the infinite hallway silhouette a light at the end. grasping corners swinging through and fifty-six stitches later (one for each year) closed chapters and nickels shaken a fairy-book tale.


Winged messenger, led me here all dust covered and sun-dried to meet; decide from here how it feels or-which pathway holds the most promise despite obstacles, foibles and flights of fancy the sun above, impatient, hurls plasma in our general direction (we've eight minutes now) each blank lane, open to travel unyielding secrets knowable outcomes... Continue Reading →


The train to dreamland left at Twenty-one fifteen Metal wheels screeching Hissing steam and galvanized pistons Mid-tone range warble There was a clicking sound Friendly Door slides open Warm smiles greeted me In-between paper lunches Today I don't mind the crumbs They don't exist here Moving right along for the ride I get to the... Continue Reading →

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