The machine will not stopuntil it has stripped awayevery. last. one.There is no escapingthe endless hunger.Displaced in placewhat to growwhen all is barren& sallow


Dusting off the hallowed vessel (or was it on purpose?) No preference to the life inside it Strewn across the mantle Adhering to this corporeal landscape In every crack and crevice Shades of foggy beaches The universe is a carnivore gnashing its teeth on the shattered superposition - a measured response Collapsing in on itself... Continue Reading →

Everybody Chill

One of these days it will all make sense The chaos the calm the standard six pence Till that day arrives just sit back and relax It’s not as chaotic Listen to some facts Don’t do something stupid Because of a friend Facebook messaging May well be your end Consider the source Before you share... Continue Reading →

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